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T&C Update

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Please note, that as per our previous post, we have updated our Terms and Conditions.
Specifically the payment section.

From May 2013 we will no longer be offering 50% deposit and the remainder to be paid prior to handover.
Due to abuse of this policy, all work undertaken will be done after payment in full has been made upfront.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but the nature of people to take advantage and to allow us to work long hours, with no hesitation in simply not paying means that we cannot sustain our business in this manner any longer.
So from now on, any existing customers who have not got an approved account with us will be subject to our payment in advance terms.
Those with approved accounts, will continue to be invoiced as per usual.

Thank you for your custom.


Development begins at home…

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With a little downtime on our side coming into the new year, we decided that it was time for a makeover, and to add to our site, the ability to communicate with our visitors better.
We took a holiday over Christmas and the new year, and between camping trips and BBQ’s in the sun, we came up with an interesting idea.

So we’ve spent the past month working on moving all of our pages and information to a new format, with a very similar look to our old site, so that it’s still us – the only difference in that we’ve now added more functionality by adding a blog!
So you shouldn’t be lost for too long – all of our same information is available here, although it’s now in the links along the top of the page instead of down the side.

So never fear, we are the same old site, just with a new face, which will hopefully let you all get to know us even better as we will be blogging regularly throughout 2012.

So Happy New Year and welcome to a new year and a blog at long last!