How We Work

For some people, getting a new web site built from scratch can be a daunting and sometimes terrifying process.
So here is a simple run down on what you can expect and the very basic process.

Phase One
First we have the design phase.
Once we have an agreement for us to build your new website, we have to work together to create a design, layout and system to suit your needs.
We will meet and discuss ideas, colours, system benefits and make some of the key decisions.
Then we part ways, and an Alpha Site will be designed and built with the information you have given.

Phase Two
Next is the working phase.
You will now have a working, or semi working website in place, frequently at this point the site has a rough layout, a lot of placeholder imagery and text and can look a little strange, but this is normal.
This phase is often the longest and hardest part as this is where you, the client has to do a lot of work.
As the site takes shape, you will have to write content for all of the pages you have requested. You may also have to have to provide images for them. Logo’s and photographs as well as maps, diagrams and any other images you require.
You will have the opportunity to make minor layout changes or colour changes during this phase.
The phase will go much faster, if you prepare yourself in advance by pre-writing the page content and also by organising all of the images you require.
If you are unable to write your own content, consider hiring a copywriter.
Our team can help you with images, but these are costed at our hourly design rates.

Phase Three
Lastly is the approval phase.
Once we get here, there are no allowed major design changes. These will be charged at our hourly design rates if they are required.
There will be minor adjustments allowed and we will often be working on minor tweaks and adjustments so be patient through this phase as the final kinks are worked out.

Once phase three is complete,  then your site will be launched and once this happens and your site is live on the internet for the public, the site is deemed to have been ‘handed over’ which means that you are now the proud owner of a new site.

*Team Note : From time to time, client pressure forces us to hand over a site still in phase three, in which case the site is still handed over, but we will continue working on the site until it is complete.

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