Site Launch : HeavyFeather

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Over the past month we have been working very hard on putting together a site for Wellington based woman, Amanda Barlow who is an incredibly talented designer and who needed a website so she could launch on her own.

She has her finger in many pies, design being her primary but she is currently building a portfolio that covers also, styling photographic sessions for photographers as well as her newest baby, photography.

Check out her site, all the design work is hers and she is available for hire should you want an experienced and talented designer backing your next venture.
We work with her on website packages also, as Mandy works so well with us. So we are happy to put together a comprehensive site package with professional branding and design, as well as builds.


Update : Canon Media Awards

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We spend the best part of 7-8 months working on the Canon Media Awards website.

There are so many phases to this internationally recognised awards system that need to go through smoothly and to strict deadlines.
So we have several deadlines to meet each year to keep it running as it should.

Tonight, the winners were announced and were live on the website at 11pm sharp thanks to our team’s hard work and dedication.

Check out the very prestigious list of winners for 2013!  by visiting the Canon Media Awards Site.


T&C Update

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Please note, that as per our previous post, we have updated our Terms and Conditions.
Specifically the payment section.

From May 2013 we will no longer be offering 50% deposit and the remainder to be paid prior to handover.
Due to abuse of this policy, all work undertaken will be done after payment in full has been made upfront.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but the nature of people to take advantage and to allow us to work long hours, with no hesitation in simply not paying means that we cannot sustain our business in this manner any longer.
So from now on, any existing customers who have not got an approved account with us will be subject to our payment in advance terms.
Those with approved accounts, will continue to be invoiced as per usual.

Thank you for your custom.

MellyPop Boutique

MellyPop Boutique

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur for me, of some very long nights and days while trying to help out a customer in a bind.
Her previous site had been designed in a way that meant when she tried to update the software, it sent the entire site into a tailspin which there was no way back from. So rather than invest time and money in recovery, she took the opportunity to move her business from a rather unsuitable system, to one designed for businesses which was a huge leap for her, but a very sensible one in terms of her new system being one that will give her extreme flexibility as well as a strong sense of security with it’s entire core based around the requirements of running a business – and a successful one at that.

We got the site up and running in record time, albeit a very bare bones version at this stage, however MellyPop are happy with the layout and feel, and are adding stock like crazy so they can get back on track as soon as possible.
I’d say it won’t take her more than a week or two to get everything loaded up and I’ll be working a bit more on the admin side of it for another few weeks getting a few custom sections sorted and perfect.

I do enjoy the huge range of abilities Magento offer when it comes to eCommerce.


MellyPop Boutique is back online!